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Stun guns are one of the best ways to protect yourself against attacks by individuals or even animals.

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A stun gun is a type of non-lethal electroshock weapon that uses a high voltage (millions of volts) electric shock to cause brief but intense pain and involuntary muscle contraction.We have several styles of Stun Guns available to best suit your needs.

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Ideally, a half second contact will surprise the attacker cause him to let go, two seconds should give muscle spasms and three seconds will cause loss of balance, a dazed mental state.

Stun gun built into a pair of knuckledusters, potent electrical current on point of impact, squeeze and stun technology, built-in LED flashlight, rechargeable built-in battery, lifetime warranty, free carrying case included, and quick and easy to use.Zap Enforcer is a recently-released flashlight that comes with an attached stun gun.This Vipertek stun gun has one third of the volts as the best stun gun above but it still packs a powerful punch.

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She approaches an empty, dark area and sees a suspicious individual.

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Every one of us should keep a stun gun to stay safe from the thieves and criminals wandering all around each and every moment.

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This is a non-projectile stun gun, which means it has some of the most powerful and modern technology available.

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Stun gun is an electroshock weapon which produces a high voltage pulse to stop an animal or human from moving temporarily without causing any permanent harm.Read our Elite Force Stun Gun Flashlight Reviews to find out Before You Buying it.