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One of the big advantages of combining PicoSure and RevLite laser tattoo removal treatments is that only half the number of treatments are usually required compared to other, older laser removal technologies or using just one laser wavelength for treatment.

Revlite (manufactured by Cynosure) is a non-ablative technique that delivers laser heat to stimulate and increase collagen production so as to render smoother skin, diminish wrinkles and moderate skin discoloration.

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The next laser that we tested was the Lutronic Spectrum VRM III.

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The laser stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, and leads to a younger and fresher looking skin.

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The RevLite laser is perfect for people with a busy schedule as there is no down time and treatments take as little as 30 minutes.RevLite Laser Treatment reduces visibility of acne scars and diminishes fine lines and creases.

I had a consultation and a facial service prior to my Revlite Laser treatment.The Medlite laser emits extremely short pulses of laser energy at 532nm and 1064nm It is suited to the treatment of deep and superficial pigmentation, tattoos, skin rejuvenation, and fine hair removal.

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The Revlite Laser uses beams of light to with high energy pulses in order to remove skin discolorations such as brown spots, acne scars, freckles, and more.A laser is a focused beam of light, designed to be of one or more wavelengths.

I like to think of it as a miracle machine because it has so many great benefits. The.For so many years, you wished the anti-aging cream that diminishes your wrinkles, tightens your.They have a dermatologist in their clinic to answer all your questions.

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Q-switching, sometimes known as giant pulse formation or Q-spoiling, is a technique by which a laser can be made to produce a pulsed output beam.Revlite laser products are most popular in Western Europe, North America, and Mid East.The treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses beam of light as high-energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits.The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on several factors, including the type and size of tattoo and the number of treatments it will require.

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